CCEE Integrated Platform • Julio Ferracini Product Designer

CCEE Integrated Platform

The core-structure of a digital transformation

The CCEE is a non-profit organisation responsible for registering all commercial energy contracts executed in the regulated and free networks.

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Digital Experience Transformation

For the operation to work, there are dozens of mobile or web-based systems, indispensable for the functioning of the energy market in Brazil.

CCEE has recently undergone a major digital transformation. The basis for the change was an initiative by the company’s software architecture team, a new digital platform, fully dedicated to the customer experience.


Data collection, Big Data, and Web Analytics. Part of this approach combined with interviews and data collection using real-time navigation (RUM – Real User Monitoring). We have considered the behavior of navigation and interaction with legacy systems, portal, and new systems in the last 24 months.

The transformation path was guided by the User Experience Design team at CCEE. We meet with the main users to understand and identify the main pain points.

The Design Thinking workshops were held in conjunction with the main interested users. The formulation of hypotheses was crucial for the project’s strategy.

Design Systems

A considerable part of the necessary integration takes place through the User Interface. There are countless legacy systems and different architectures.

To achieve the expected result, the design team dedicated itself to carrying out a complete inventory of the interfaces. This activity is part of the CCEE Design System implementation team project. The process that started in 2018 and is ongoing.

Inovation and recognition

Support from the board and the organization’s strategy is essential. The result of this work is already being reflected in the new digital products.