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Energy / Mobile app

Business app of Brazilian commercialization market

Research and Development project of the first mobile application of the Chamber of Commercialization of Electric Energy – The 10-week challenge.

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Proof of Concept

The idea of ​​the mobile app was born out of research by the UX team on user behavior and statistics on the use of the web portal from mobile devices. We created a first and visceral version of the application using the Ionic Framework. The PoC version was tested with market agents to understand the value proposition. At the end of the process, we present it to the board company.

CCEE Mobile app
CCEE Mobile app store

Product Challenge

We would design the first mobile interaction for customers and agents in the electricity sector. Start a highly satisfactory version of the app in 10 weeks.

Our challenge was to find the main resources for the market, planning, and execution.

Method and Planning

After the board company decision (make the application CCEE), our first step was to plan the Design Thinking workshop of the users. As a facilitator, I used a Trello board to conduct our script.

CCEE Mobile app
CCEE Mobile app


To make a good approach, we did some data analysis based on previous research, the behavior of Google Analytics using mobile devices on our web portal. We focus on the hypotheses before working together with the invited users. These hypotheses served as a guide for our workshop.

Design Thinking Workshops

All journey was planning and conducted by the UX Team of CCEE, me and 2 other designers. We applied stages of Design Thinking to help us to make the discoveries. After the product implementation, the Design Thinking workshops were turned the main approach of the product backlog.






Facilitation of the Design Thinking Workshop

We did 3 days of workshops, with 60 users (agents, clients, participants of the energy market) help us to define the MVP.

Product Concept

Energy Price
Operational Calendar
Technical announcements

Overview of the User Interface

ccee mobile
ccee mobile
ccee mobile