Avalanche São Paulo / Amsterdam

  • Client Avalanche São Paulo / Amsterdam
  • Year 2009
  • Role UI Developer

What will happen when we connect trends, architecture, creativity, psychology, and design? Avalanche of Ideas. Minimalism and learning for a digital world.


Idea-driven advertising

Mid-2008, in a world that is increasingly connected, the first agency guided by ideas appears. Avalanche launches its office in Amsterdam, the hot shop’s “Meca”, a joint venture with São Paulo’s office to deliver to the clients an advertising and activation product even stronger, at the same time local and global, prompt and universal.

Working with master

Emerging more and more in a connected world, the agency decided to start a digital transformation process. My career was born in the digital world in the 2000’s. We worked together to transform these worlds. This work does not aim to bring the complete case of the agency. As I participated in a part of this process, I intend to give to you, a taste of that wonderful creative and minimalist atmosphere.

code avalanche

Must have learning

I admit, it was working with these guys that I was forced to think about the importance of concepts that are in symbiosis with my career: Principles of Gestalt and minimalist User Interface. To complete, a huge learning to use design logic in code, to calculate the behavior of my stage. It was fantastic!

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