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Julio Ferracini

Product Designer UX / UI / DesignOps
Hi friend,

My name is Julio, Ferracini, I’ve been working as a Designer, focused on UX, UI, and Digital Products, for a couple more of a decade. And what do I have better than other designers?

Nothing better, only different. And yes, I am a guitar player too.

Like anyone, each designer has a self-Aware universe. A way to connect the subjective world to the material world. I float between highly complex environments – financial, engineering, energy, dynamic scenarios in start-ups driven by ideas and passion to collaborate on the world changes.

I believe in the designer as a problem-solver.

I am passionate about design, DesignOps, and the future that technology can provide us. The way this future will come can be thought of by all of us.

Today, I am living in Brazil, but my main aim is to break the borders to embrace as many cultures as I can. Designing for everywhere and everyone.

I am happy for your visit. Call me to talk or drink coffee.

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