Julio Ferracini

Design Specialist II • Product Design Manager @ Itau Unibanco
I’ve been working as a designer since 2002 working on digital products, leading UX projects and teams, and always focused on finding amazing experiences for users’ needs.

What do I have better than other designers?

Nothing, I just do it differently, as each designer is a self-aware universe struggling to connect the subjective world with the material world. A problem solver or an opportunity hunter.

In recent years, I have designed in complex business environments such as personal finance and investments, payments, retail banking, engineering, oil and energy, and start-ups.

I am currently working as a Design Specialist II • Product Design Manager at Itau Unibanco.

Today I am living in Brazil, but my aim is to break the borders to embrace as many cultures as possible. Designing for everywhere and for everyone.

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